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Code of Conduct

Shoen Library is an academic library that serves a diverse population including students, staff and faculty of Marylhurst University as well as the general public.

Shoen Library patrons can expect that Shoen Library will protect their privacy and rights to research and education in a facility that supports learning in both group and individual settings. To ensure that all patrons and visitors are able to use library resources and services effectively, patrons must take responsibility for their behavior.

Please follow these guidelines when using Shoen Library

1. Some behavior and activity limits the library's ability to offer services; therefore, patrons of the library are asked to refrain from activities including, but not limited to:

-          Disorderly or disruptive conduct
-          Obscene, profane or abusive language or acts
-          Possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs
-          Intoxication or impairment
-          Mutilation, defacement or theft of library property
-          Use of furniture, library equipment and facilities in a manner for which they were not intended or designed
-          Harassing or threatening others
-          Smoking in prohibited areas
-          Failure to evacuate in an emergency or during drill

2. Internet stations are located in public areas, and patrons are expected to use the Internet in a manner that represents the library environment. Use of all library computers must comply with Marylhurst University policy concerning Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Communications.

3. Food and beverages are allowed but should not inhibit the library experiences of others. Please be discreet when eating in public study areas. The library has several meeting spaces where it is appropriate to have food. Drinks should be kept covered at all times. Please do not eat or drink while using electronic equipment in the library.

4. Please keep conversation and noise at a low level. The main floor of the library is reserved for quiet study. Group meetings should occur in meeting rooms or on the lower level of the library.

5. Personal safety is a high priority. Please wear appropriate clothes and shoes at all times while inside and around the library building.

6. The use of cell phones and pagers in the library is disruptive to other library patrons and is prohibited. Please turn your ringer off when you enter the building.

7. Shoen Library welcomes children who are accompanied and supervised by a parent or adult caregiver. The supervision, safety and security of children are the responsibility of the parent or adult caregiver.

8. Please do not interfere with employees in the performance of their duties. This includes engaging in inappropriate conversation or behavior, sexual advances or physical and/or verbal harassment.

9. Library hours are posted on the Marylhurst website and on the door to the building. Please respect the library's opening and closing times.

10. All library patrons are expected to adhere to Marylhurst University's Code of Conduct at all times. To access a copy of the Code of Conduct, please ask a reference librarian.

Shoen Library asks that all patrons respect the rights of each individual to study and research in a peaceful environment. People who are found to be violating these codes of conduct will be asked to modify their behavior. If a person's actions continue to disturb library patrons or staff, the person could be asked to leave the library. In instances where a person's actions or behavior might jeopardize the safety of any library patron or staff member, or the reputation and property of the university, local law enforcement and Marylhurst University campus security will be notified.

The above guidelines are based on the Marylhurst University Student Handbook.

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