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Turnitin is a writing tool, available primarily as a Moodle plugin, that does four main things:

  • Checks grammar and spelling for submitted papers (ETS Grammar Check)
  • Has an easy way to grade online with optional rubrics (Grade Mark)
  • Can facilitate peer-to-peer grading (Peer Mark, which doesn't work in Moodle yet, but should very soon)
  • Can check for originality in a paper (Originality Checker)

The way it works, is that the instructor creates an "assignment" and student then can submit papers. The students can see the results of the grammar and originality check fairly quickly (usually within 5 minutes). Then they have the option to make changes and resubmit the paper. The instructor can mark submitted papers online, including a nifty tool that allows for audio feedback. This can all be done within Moodle.

All of the features are customizable--they can be turned off or on as you like. We have set the defaults to act as the description above, which most favor the student experience (for example, allowing to resubmit the paper).

In the end, Turnitin simply provides more information in a clear way and hopefully make some aspects of the paper writing process more efficient. There is no requirement to use this service.

Logging into Turnitin

Most of the time you will create your Turnitin assignments within Moodle. However, logging into your account directly through can provide access to more features!

If you have used Turnitin within Moodle, then you need to set up a password for the main turnitin site, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on retrieve password.
  3. Enter email address and last name
  4. reset password.

There are two really great things you can do, and only do, directly at  First, you can quick submit a paper, see here for more info.  Second, you can use Peer Mark, see here for more info.

Creating a Turnitin activity (i.e., assignment that students can upload) in Moodle

Here's the manual for using turnitin within Moodle.

Be sure to switch the setting that says "Student Originality Reports" to Yes (the default is "No").  Also, we recommend allowing students to "Overwrite Originality Reports" (the default would keep the first originality report).


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