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Sitelines and Jesse Hayward

April 14 - May 14, 2008

Sitelines: Jenene Nagy & Stephanie Robison
Gallery 2: WHY AND THE WHY NOT: Jesse Hayward

The Art Gym is presenting two exhibitions this April and May that are interactive. Maybe interactive is not quite the right word, as the works do not interact with the public, but involve interactions between and among artists and with the space and architecture of the gallery.

Sitelines is an exhibition of works by Jenene Nagy and Stephanie Robison. As the hybrid name implies, the two artists are interested in lines of sight in relationship to the physical environment, or site.

Jesse Hayward's installation WHY AND THE WHY NOT in The Art Gym's Gallery 2 examines the relationship of process to possibility. The show will begin with two artworks – a large painting and a large sculpture – and a stockpile of prospective additions. Marylhurst sculpture students will meet with Hayward weekly to discuss and make additions to the two artworks.

Sitelines: Jenene Nagy and Stephanie Robison

Although this is a two-person show, Robison and Nagy did not want the main space of The Art Gym divided in ways that would separate their contributions. Instead, they have designed an installation that allows them to experiment with the works in relationship to each other and to the walls, floor, trusses, windows and ceiling of the gallery.

Robison's tower structure Stand-in echoes the gallery truss structure, and calls attention to the wooden ceiling, old projection booth and window grids. At the same time Robison's tower, cloud and water forms are built and sewn substitutes for the world outside. Piles of sewn vinyl bricks and painted scrap lumber remind one of the construction so ubiquitous in the Portland metro area and on the Marylhurst campus this spring.

Nagy's multi-part painting Something Like Dawn (To Scale) is installed at varying heights around the gallery, encouraging viewers to mentally combine and align the parts as they move about. Other works explore the fluid qualities of paper and the relationship of paintings to their means of support, the wall, and natural and artificial light. Each of Nagy's works contains reference to the horizon line, one of our most basic reference points in nature.

Jesse Hayward: WHY AND THE WHY NOT

Jesse Hayward: WHY AND THE WHY NOT for The Art Gym's Gallery 2 continues Hayward's interest in creating artworks that defy or challenge the idea of completion. In this work he is also collaborating with students and other artists in pushing the evolution of the works in the gallery. That process began prior to the opening of the exhibition and will continue throughout the show. Hayward is photographing weekly to allow visitors to track the changes underway.

— Terri M. Hopkins, director and curator, The Art Gym


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