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2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

May 31 – June 17, 2007

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree candidates:
Liesel Ahrendt, Sarah Burns, Cathy Cleaver, Sally Heppner, Melissa Joye, Katie Lessner, J.L. Quenton and Nicole Rush. The exhibition includes sculpture, painting, photography and mixed media works on paper.

The Marylhurst University BFA Program
The goal of the Marylhurst University Art Thesis program is to assist the senior-level student in the development of a coherent body of professional-level work.

The thesis project has two components: studio work and a thesis report. The written proposal is developed in the fall and evolves over the winter and spring terms into a paper that discusses studio work progress from conception to completion.

A thesis committee, made up of three art faculty members, critiques the student's progress at each stage. The studio work progresses fall and winter terms and is completed in the spring. At that time the work is subject to final review, is photographed, prepared for installation and installed in The Art Gym.

The Artists
Liesel Ahrendt is presenting a series of photographs taken in the Columbia River Gorge and Central Oregon. She is interested in rural and remote landscapes that retain their beauty in spite of the evidence of human influence. Ahrendt shoots with a 4 x 5 camera and prints using the platinum/palladium process.

Sarah Burns built several large-scale artworks that combine 15-foot drawings of skeletons with small shrine-like constructions. The artist draws on her past as a Roman Catholic and her research into how objects use myth and story to inspire religious belief.

Cathy Cleaver makes sculptures with construction materials, including wood, steel, concrete, lath and plaster, wire, foam insulation and electrical components. Allowing the internal layers of the constructed artworks to remain visible, Cleaver creates metaphors for the visible and invisible components of personality.

Sally Heppner's thesis is a series of figurative paintings made with oil, charcoal and acrylic on paper and canvas. Heppner's interest is in revealing the subtleties of human psychology and relationships through body language, color and composition.

Melissa Joye's subjects include play, recreation and sport. She tells humorous stories with small doll-like characters in precarious situations. These artworks are mixed media sculptures playfully constructed from materials found on construction sites or available at home improvement stores.

Katie Lessner uses collage, drawing, stencils, spray paint and image transfer processes to create her small mixed media artworks on paper. She combines abstract geometric shapes with illustrations found in popular magazines such as Wired, Snowboarder and Smithsonian to create layers of information that invite multiple interpretations.

J.L. Quenton paints with acrylic on canvas. His African and Native American ancestry led him to develop imagery inspired by these cultures and by tribal dynamics. His paintings are figurative and narrative, often including historic figures and art historical references.

Nicole Rush uses images of her young daughters in a series of works that explore childhood memories and the way one remembers. To convey the imperfections of memory, she uses several media, including silver gelatin prints, photo etchings and acrylic gel transfers on watercolor paper.

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