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Certificate Requirements

Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

48 quarter credits for certificate
Credits are beyond the MA in Applied Pastoral Theology credits and are the minimum required to complete an M.Div. equivalent.

Biblical Studies (21 crs.)

Torah: Pentateuch, First Five Books of the Bible
Epistles: Letters to Christian Communities
Gospels: Stories of Unique Christian Communities
Gospel of Luke & Acts

Choose three of the following:
Scriptural Frameworks for Pastoral & Spiritual Care
Biblical Prophets: Inspirations to Create a Better World
Writings, Psalms & Wisdom Literature in the Bible
Gospel of John
Woman: A Journey Through the Old Testament Scriptures
Woman: A Journey Through the New Testament Scriptures

Gospel of Mark
Gospel of Matthew
Be Stewards of Creation: Cosmology & Worldview
Jesus & Women: A Liberating Vision
Advanced Exegesis: Studies in Apocalyptic Literature
New Testament Greek I
New Testament Greek II
New Testament Greek III
Biblical Hebrew I
Biblical Hebrew II
Biblical Hebrew III 

Historical & Theological Studies (15 crs.)

Theology for the Third Millennium 
     or Applied Ethics: Daily Life, Medicine, Business, Humanities
Church History: Early Communities to 787 AD (CE)
Church History: 788 AD (CE) to Later Western Christianity
Church History: 1650 AD (CE) to Modern World Christianity

One of the following:
Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Ethical Issues in Peacemaking
Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit: A Spirituality of Sustainable Justice
Strength for the Journey: Eucharistic Theology
Birthing Holy Fire: Marian Theology & Spirituality
     in the Wisdom Tradition

Jesus: Bar Nasa, Son of Mary, Son of God
Mary of Magdala: Disciple, Apostle to the Apostles, Companion
     of the Lord, Woman Who Knew the All

Social & Behavioral Studies, Spirituality (6 crs.)

Two of the following:
Speech for Preaching
Psychology of Religion: A Psychology of Religious Experience
Pastoral & Spiritual Counseling Strategies
Liturgies, Rituals, Teaching, Preaching & Spiritual Practices
     of Christianity, Judaism, & Islam

Spirituality & Mysticism in Western Religions
Spiritual Quest: Human Quest for Spirituality
Old Ways, New Visions: Models of the Mystic Path: 
     A Spirituality for Seekers

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit: A Spirituality of Sustainable Justice
Guardians of the Future: The Spirituality of the Sisters of
     the Holy Names of Jesus & Mary

Spiritual Direction Through the Arts of Theatre
Religion, Rite, Liturgy & Theatre: Entering the Presence
Performance as Proclamation: Arts of Theatre –
     Tools of Transformation

The Experience of God in Teresa of Avila & John of the Cross
The Sacred Earth: A Dialogue Between Spirituality & Ecology
The Labyrinth: Reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine

Integrative Studies (3 crs.)

One of the following:
Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Pastoral & Spiritual Care
Supervised Practicum 1: Special Arrangement
Supervised Practicum 2: Special Arrangement
Supervised Practicum 3: Special Arrangement
Supervised Practicum 4: Special Arrangement
Supervised Practicum 5: Special Arrangement
Supervised Practicum 1: Cooperative
Supervised Practicum 2: Cooperative
Supervised Practicum 3: Cooperative
Supervised Practicum 4: Cooperative
Supervised Practicum 5: Cooperative
The Sacred Earth: A Dialogue Between Spirituality & Ecology
Theology of Leadership

Elective (3 crs.)

One of the following:
Islam & Society
The Labyrinth: Reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine
Loss, Grief, Death, & Dying: Theologies of Compassion

Please see current Marylhurst University Catalog for complete information.

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