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Honor Vallor

Honor Vallor

Department of Religious Studies

Education                                                                                                M.A. English, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon.
B.S. Arts & Sciences, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon.
Teaching Diploma: Two-Year Certificate of the National Froebel Foundation, London, England.
Teaching Diploma: Certificate of the Cambridge Institute, Cambridge, England.
Teaching License: British Ministry of Education, London, England.

Classes Taught                                                                                       Spirit and Nature: Environmental Concerns (Religious Studies)* Perspectives and Principles of Friendship (Religious Studies)*    Animal Rights, Politics, and the Environment (Cultural Studies)*  Animal Behavior, Culture, and the Law (Cultural Studies)*                         * Developed course for Marylhurst

About                                                                                                    Honor Vallor has taught for over four decades in the United Kingdom and the United States in the primary school, high school, college, and university classrooms. She was natural history specialist and senior mistress at Hanbury's Farm Primary School in Staffordshire as well as chair of the art department at Spendlove Secondary School in Oxfordshire. She has served as faculty at Marylhurst since 1993 and has taught as well at Portland State University, and Clark College.  Her expertise is the integration of humanities and sciences with a focus on natural history and environmental science as well as in the disciplines of Renaissance studies, English Romanticism and Gothic iconography, and the history of drama.  She also designed and led the Marylhurst Celtic Sacred Sites tour of the British Isles. As a survivor of the Blitz in WWII England, in the aftermath of 911 she presented the public forum Peace and Performance Event at Portland State University that aired on Portland cable television.

Her business and administrative experience includes having been proprietor of a small organic dairy farm in Washington; a market research manager for Omni Research; director and committee chair of the Chiron Studies Program and organizer for Public Health Studies' public presentations at Portland State University; writer and coder of surveys for Friends of the Columbia Gorge; and producer the cable television programs: Mind Your Business and Wood Village Update.  As an advocate for animal welfare and environmental sustainability, she has been Sustainability Consultant for Hardline Design and Construction since 2010. She has also collaborated with the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon to neuter feral cats and Oregon Greyhound Adoption to adopt a greyhound. Honor is currently researching the interrelated topics of Human Health, Animal Welfare, and Epidemiology.

Publications                                                                                     Symbol, Psyche, and Creativity (Internship anthology, Chiron Press, 1991).
Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming (Fantasy fiction collaboration, Bantam 1991).
"Enduring War for Enduring Peace"; "Territorial Dream"; "Military Sestina": WLA Journal of War, Literature, and the Arts (pending 2012)
"Territorial Dream": International Who's Who in Poetry (2005).
"January in Calpe": International Who's Who in Poetry (2004).
"Swimming in Air": Colors of Life (anthology 2003).
"Rain": Offley Magazine (1990).
"Children's Games"; "Rain": Perceptions Literary Magazine (1987).
Exhibited oil paintings: The Littman Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 1990.

Professional Associations                                                                   Humane Society University, Washington, D.C. (2012-present). Marylhurst University Sustainability Advisory Council: Curriculum Committee (2012-present).                                                                        Adjunct Faculty Committee and Educause 2012, Marylhurst University, Oregon (2011-present).                                                                      Sustainability Consultant, Hardline Design and Construction, Milwaukie, Oregon (2010-present).

Honors and Awards
National Endowment for the Humanities Grant Stipend, Currents of History: The Columbia River and the Making of the American West, Portland State University, Oregon (2008).
Who's Who Among America's Teachers: Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring (2000, 2003, and 2007).
Professional Development Fund, Academic Affairs, Portland State University (1995 and 1996).
William Stout Scholarship, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon (1992-1993).
Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon (1991-1992).
Curriculum Committee Member, Portland State University, Oregon (1990-1991).
Director and Committee Chair, Chiron Studies Program, Portland State University (1990-1991).
Outstanding Student Government Leadership Award, Portland State University, Oregon (1990).

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