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Expanded information about upcoming courses are offered by the professors who will teach them.


LIT 215E
Science Fiction: Origins to Present
Summer 2015
Chuck Caruso, Ph.D.

More about this course from the instructor:

Starting from odd little tales about medical miracles, intelligent machines, and little green Martians, science fiction rapidly evolved into a way for popular fiction to imagine, and in many cases predict, new inventions and technological advances. Through the years, science fiction has been divided into various subcategories, and has been legitimized and adopted by writers of "serious" literary fiction. But whatever other tropes it has examined, at core science fiction has always been a vehicle for exploring the interaction between technology and human experience. In this course we will explore a broad sampling of contemporary science fiction in an attempt to recognize current trends in the genre. In our efforts to define and understand what the role of science fiction might be in early twenty-first century society, we will also consider films, music and other media.
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LIT 366A
Latin-American Short Story
Summer 2015
Ivonne Saed

More about this course from the instructor:

Students will read several short stories and novellas by well-known Latin American authors of the 20th and 21st centuries. Students will write frequent annotations in response to the daily reading assignments, in addition to participating in class discussion led by the instructor.
One well-structured essay at the end of the term will either:

    • Present an in-depth literary analysis of a specific work.
    • Explore a recurrent theme that surfaces in the works we read.
    • Explore several works by a particular author.
    • Make a comparative analysis between a literary work we read in class, and an object or movement from a different art discipline.

Although all reading assignments are in English, Spanish-speaking students will be encouraged to read both the original and the translation. On certain occasions we will spend some time discussing the translation process. We will explore how these authors said what they did, in terms of their choice of words, symbol, metaphor, and intellectual sources.
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WR 359A
Writing & Service: Documenting Lives in the City
Summer 2015
Laura Moulton

More about this course from the instructor:

This summer, students will spend time at Street Books - a bicycle-powered mobile library for patrons who live outside in downtown Portland--days and times TBA. Students will also do a project that includes finding and documenting a story that might otherwise go untold.
Service-learning courses combine academic curriculum with meaningful service in the community. In this class, we will focus on writing that documents a particular time, place and people, seeking out the stories that are often overlooked. Our class will be compressed into six weeks, meeting Thursday nights during that time, and volunteering in downtown Portland for a few hours during the week. Our classroom exercises and discussions on campus will prepare us for our volunteer service downtown. Part seminar, part workshop, we'll examine several different craft elements of nonfiction, and generate new writing. The service-learning course offered through the Literature & Writing Department is an exciting opportunity for students looking to expand their academic experience at the university.
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