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BA in Organizational & Strategic Communications

Why are some business climates more productive than others? What variables contribute to create a harmonious working environment? Communication is the backbone of every corporate culture, in public and private, for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

In Marylhurst's organizational communication degree program, you will explore how communication affects organizational structure and change. Through the study of business management, intercultural communication and organizational psychology, you'll examine how culture is created, maintained and influenced in any organization. Learn the traditional functions of management — planning, organizing, leading and controlling — and the roles of moral code and ethics in managerial decision making.

As a graduate of the BA in Organizational & Strategic Communications program, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to engage in effective communication processes in multiple contexts — in at least two social contexnts: interpersonal, intercultural, small group, organizational, technologically  mediated
  • Recognize trends in leadership and factors affecting change in organizational practices in public and nonprofit organizations
  • Accomplish a practical communication task in a human service or corporate organizational setting
  • Relate communication concepts to recognized organizational leadership and management principles
  • Develop communication strategies and competently apply skills to find ethical solutions to specific organizational problems
  • Demonstrate rhetorical skill in design and presentation of oral, written and technologically mediated communications

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