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Gifts in Honor / Memory

Thank you to our donors who made gifts in honor or memory of someone special.

2011 - 2012

Mary Clark Memorial

Heather Schreiber Killough
R.H. Parker/United Foundation
The Robert C. & Nani S. Warren Foundation
Leslie Wheeler
Total - $7,350


Marylhurst Student Food Pantry - Clarence Jenike

Keith Allen '99
Dorothy Cruickshank and John Cruickshank
Betty DeHaven and David DeHaven
Diane Flack '05 and James Flack
Jeanne Fox and Alan Fox
Justin George
Nancy Gordon
Cecilia Huntington and Robert Huntington
Ann Irving and Donald Irving
Renyold Keeler
Gail Auguston-Koppen and Edward Koppen
Elisabeth Marlow and Thomas Marlow
Math Reading of Lake Grove, LLC
Eleanor Mattersdorff and Guenter Mattersdorff
Jennifer Palmer and Richard Palmer
Roberta Pierce
Arlene Satterlee
Dolores Schulte
Eric Sutter
Agnes Thwing and Randall Thwing
Carole White
Total - $1,247


Doris Robertson

Norma Freelove
Sharon Klupenger
Terry Morrell
Mary Small and Jeff Small
Vivian Strean and Kenneth Strean
Total - $375


Tom Ruhl Memorial

Margaret MacMillan Abbott '68 and Gregory Abbott
Xia Allerton and David Allerton
Antoinette Kienow Arenz
Marcia Yadon Arganbright '76 and James Arganbright
Mary Anne Balzer and Thayne Balzer
Susan Barrett '10
Barbara and William Beale
Melanie Moon and Ethan Benatan
Viola Bishop
Kathryn Bork
Whitney Braden and Thomas Braden
Terry Brand and Vincent Brand
Marcia Bryant and Randall Bryant
Stephen Buel
Business Education Compact
Melissa Cadish and Barry Cadish
Elizabeth Case
Gene Christian
Cynthia Cosgrave
Marie Crouser
Nancy Cutler and David Cutler
Patricia Dement
Katherine Dickson and David Dickson
Margaret Doell and Edward Doell
Carol Eckart
Kay Edens and George Edens
Arline Etheredge
Judith Fradig and Paul Fardig
Karen Faw
Betty Flad
Craig Froude
Eleanor Gentry and Brian Gentry
Sheri Ghazimorad and Roy Ghazimorad
Katherine Hawkin
Nathalie Heger
Kenton Hill
Michell Howser
Katie Iverson and Eric Iverson
Irene Jackson and William Jackson
Velma Johnson and Franklin Johnson
Sally Karsten and Ronald Karsten '93
Jeanette Kempe-Ware
Lawrence Kleinman
Nancy Lematta '03
Cheryl Livneh
Felix Loo
Diane Lowensohn and Richard Lowensohn
Frances Maddox
Joan Maiers, SNJM '59
Sandra Marron and Buzz Marron
Patricia Martinez-Orozco
Andrew Mason
Martha Mathews
Katy Mayer
Lynne McMahan
Dawn McNannay
Susan Means
Gilan Menegat
Lena Metteer and Paul Metteer
Jeanette Meyer and William Meyer
John Mitchell
Dawn Montgomery
Olga Mount
Esther Nacrelli
Jean Ogrady
Mary Lee and Gary Oshiro
Katherine Parker
Mary Mannila Patnode '66 and Howard Patnode
Amy Petti
Sandy Pittenger and Jeff Pittenger
David Plotkin
Susan Potter and Stephen Potter
Glenda Randall and Clinton Randall
Mary Lu McDonald Rappleyea '45
Henrietta Recko
Geness and William Reichert
Katherine Remmers and Lawrence Remmers
James Richardson
Jana Ripley and Vincent Ripley
Jill Romm
Zona Ruhl
Mary Ruhl '09
Elizabeth Ruhl and Stephen Ruhl
Maryalice Russell
Josefina Schommer and Stephen Schommer
Martha A. Schroeder
Kimberly Schroeder
Sarah Shorr
Shirley Skidmore and Ronald Quant
Carol Smith
Leah Stenson
Gina Taylor
Nancy Ann Utterback and Matthew Utterback
Courtney Vanderstek
Mary Vranizan and Edward Vranizan
Frances Walsh '00
Elizabeth Zimmer and Stephen Zimmer
Total - $43,535


Sisters of the Holy Names

Elizabeth Brownlie Crocker '65 and William Crocker
Dolores Koutny Mallory '53 and Gordon Mallory
Robert Watkins
Total - $225


Cecilia Thibodeau

Ann Dillhoefer Bussard '77 and Steven Bussard
William Dillhoefer
Total - $125



Joanne Castello
Jo Ann Sisemore Hannigan '56 and J. Gillis Hannigan
Ruth Hillman and Manny Hillman
Monica Moriarty '97
Trish Smith and Bill Smith
Shirley Anne Wizer '57
Marilyn Young and Isaac Young
Total - $1,800


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